Kyla St.Aubin
Jul 15 at 1:40 PM

   Getting my second Ragdoll kitten from Shane only made me wish I had gotten my first Ragdoll kitten from Shane as well! It was a wonderful experience. He was there to answer every question I had (and trust me, I was full of questions!). Shane was always sending me picture updates of my Tinkerbell and explaining how she was growing. When the day came for me to meet him to pick Tinkerbell up, she was even more perfect than I had imagined.  She came complete with an adorable pink gift bag that included everything I needed: 2 pink bowls, a ton of toys, a blanket with her mothers scent on it (which she still cuddles with!), a food sample and her nuvet vitamins ( I highly recommend keeping your kitten on them).

Not only was the business part of my experience wonderful, but even now, I still talk to Shane and he's as great as ever! When I took Tink to her first vet appointment, the vet was even amazed at how beautiful and healthy she was!

Tinkerbell has the perfect raggy personality that we all love so much. She and Taz (my other Ragdoll) jump in the shower with my husband EVERY morning.  They love to sit by an open window to watch and listen to the rain. Tink is the most affectionate cat I have ever met. Shane does an amazing job at socializing the kittens.

Tinkerbell is the star of the house, and we have a big household with 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 kids and my husband and I. There is NEVER a dull day.

I HIGHLY recommend Shane to anyone thinking about getting a Ragdoll kitten.  I plan to get my future kittens from him when I start my cattery!

Shane: Thank you SO much for EVERYTHING! I look forward to a lifelong friendship  with LOTS of kittens!

I wanted to write about my experience with Shane at Smoky Mt Ragdolls and to also include a picture of our GORGEOUS, blue point boy Grayson. What a wonderful addition to our family he has been! We honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience than the one we had with Shane in getting our ragdoll kitten. From the first time I contacted Shane I was very impressed with his knowledge and compassion for the ragdoll breed. I had been looking for the perfect ragdoll kitten to welcome to our home and surely Shane had one for us. He told me that he had a beautiful blue point male with crystal blue eyes and he couldn't have been more right. I called Shane many times and he always took the time to answer any and all questions that I had. He was so caring and truly made our experience in getting a new kitten an amazing one! We arranged a date for Shane to deliver our kitten and when we first saw our kitten we were in love! He was absolutely beautiful and couldn't have been more perfect! I had never had a kitten that was so lovable. It truly showed the love that Shane had showed him and how well taken care of that he was. I highly recommend getting your kitten from Shane if you're looking for a beautiful, high quality, very loving ragdoll. 

Ingeborg Howell
Today at 5:33 PM
Dear Shane, 
I am writing to update you on your little male, which we named Tobi. You were totally right, when you described him as a cuddle bug .He is the most loving kitten I have ever seen. I took him to the vet they were amazed how cute and cuddly and of course how healthy and well taken care of he was that they took a picture of him for their website lol. He is just a pleasure to have, and he is so much fun to watch ! 
He and Pearl are inseparable. They play hide and seek all day. ( Pearl is my female) 
Thank you for your help finding the right kitten for my cattery! 
I will keep in touch as he grows and send you pictures. 
Sincerely Tobi and family


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Today at 8:23 PM
Dear Shane,
    I am writing to you to thank you so very much for our new little kitten. We have named her Naphena.  She is one of the family, and is fitting in well here in Wisconsin, with our 4 children, white lab, and other cat! She is sooo sweet!  We all love her so much!  Shane, you were absolutely right when you said this little baby girl was the one for me.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect kitten or experience that I have had with getting her from you. I will keep you updated with photos so you can see how our “Lil’  Princess” is doing.  Also I wanted to tell you how great it is that you are always available to call when I have questions.
Take Care,

Type your paragraph here.Tricia Sale <> Shane, I just want to say what amazing babies you have! I'm so blessed to have not one, but two of your gorgeous Ragdolls💞 I've seen lots of raggies and I must say, either I'm partial, or just luck
Feb 19 at 9:36 PM

Shane, I just want to say what amazing babies you have! I'm so blessed to have not one, but two of your gorgeous Ragdolls💞 I've seen lots of raggies and I must say, either I'm partial, or just lucky I found you. My two surely are fabulous!! Hard to believe Curie is two and a half and even harder to believe Finnian will be six months old tomorrow, and a whopping 12+ pounds. Lol. I asked for a big boy, and man did I get one. Just want you to know how much I love these Smoky Mtn. Ragdolls and what a great friend you've become. If anyone ever wonders, they are more than welcome to message me anytime! Thanks again my dear friend😀 Tricia

Nina Simone/Humphrey Bogart
I've had the pleasure of meeting Shane and his lovely wife almost Five years ago when he met me to deliver my very first Ragdoll, Nina Simone'. She was love at first site. The energy and personality she exuded captured my heart! She brought joy and excitement to our loving household. At the time I also had an elderly Cat who's health was declining. I always promised Shane if anything happened to him I'd contact him for the possibility of adding another Ragdoll to our family. This year in February our 16 year old yellow tabby passed so I contacted Shane as to the prospects of attaining a new family member. To our great joy and surprise he had just the match for us. We were thrilled to welcome home Humphrey Bogart our Cream Flamed baby boy! I cannot express or convey how wonderful my experiences have been with Smoky Mountain Ragdolls. The breeds are exceptional and the loving environment is beyond compare. I highly recommend his Cattery. Sincerely, Sandie Burger McCaysville, Ga. 

Dawna Jackson(Sunday, January 05 14 07:22 pm EST)

What an amazing experience in getting my kitten from Shane. Every week I was sent pictures and videos so I could watch my baby grow. When I picked him up if was like I already knew him! Shane is so good with the kittens. Maxwell was already so lovable when I got him thanks to the attention he received from Shane. So greatful to have met Shane and to now. Have little Max in our lives.


Up date

 Shane, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with Moose Cat.  He has a personality unlike any cat I have ever seen.  He is very funny and very energetic but very in tuned to my feelings.  If he is playing across the room and makes eye contact with me, he will stop and run to me and check out what ever I am doing.  

    He sleeps on me and still tries to  nurse on me on the crook of my elbow when he gets sleepy.  He has made me so happy and relaxed (even though he goes through his "must run and go crazy fits).  The kisses he gives me each time I do something for him makes him seem like he has human emotions.  

    I wish you could see how he interacts when we are in the kitchen.  He has to be there to "help wash dishes", to "taste everything that is cooked and set the the side"", and he "helps test the dryness of the counters" once we wipe them down.  Of course he also helps clear everything off the table and counters for us.  Mopping has become a very interesting event around here.  Not sure if we get the floors cleaned, but he enjoys the ride on the mop!    Such a great assistant around the house.

    You should see him with my two pomeranians.  They have so much fur (thank goodness) that when he grabs on and lets grabs onto them, they simply drag him around the house.  Abby, my larger pom has begun to play with him.  

    I wanted to thank you so very much for introducing me to my baby, Moose Cat.  Words really anny express the wonderful difference he has made in my life.  He has become the center of my world and makes me feel like I am the center of his.  Thank you sooooooo much!

Dawna Jackson