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Sales Contract

Purchase Date:___________________________________




Queen Reg.#_____________________________________________________________

King Reg.#______________________________________________________________


The Seller and Purchaser agree to the following conditions of this agreement:



1. This cat is purchased as a:

Pet (altering required)  ____ Show Quality Pet (altering required) _____ Breeder

A. Breeder guarantees that the cat being sold is a purebred Ragdoll cat/kitten with a pedigree and is eligible for registration with T.I.C.A.

B. If buyer transfers cat/kitten to another owner, the buyer agrees to provide notice to seller and for seller to provide written approval of the transfer.

C. Any representation by seller regarding the kitten being a show or breeding quality is an opinion and not a guarantee that the kitten will win in a show. Breeder advises buyer to examine the kitten in person to decide the quality of the kitten before the purchase.

D. If the cat is purchased as a pet or show quality pet:

- The buyer agrees to have the kitten altered at 5mo. old for a male and at 6mo old for a female.  NO KITTEN SHOULD BE ALTERED BEFORE 6mo OLD. Buyer agrees that if kitten is not altered before six months of age, seller has the right to take possession of the cat and place it back into the Smoky Mtn. Ragdolls cattery with no payment to the buyer. If the Buyer is found to be using said cat as a breeder, a fine of $2,000 dollars will be due to the seller along with the return of the cat at buyers sole expense. Buyer will also be responsible for all attorney fees involved.

- The seller agrees to provide Buyer with a T.I.C.A. registration for the cat after he/she is altered before six month of age and written certification from a licensed vet is sent to the seller. This certification must also provide the breed of cat, as well as the name, address, and phone number of vet for verification of altering.

E. The buyer is responsible for ALL medical and shipping expenses associated with this cat/kitten IMMEDIATELY after the contract is signed.

F. The buyer agrees that the deposit amount is non-refundable, but may be transferred to another kitten as long as the transfer is done 3 weeks pryer to the shipping/pick up date.  If the buyer does not pick another kitten by the end of a year from the date of sale of kitten the deposit if forfited.

G.The Buyer understands and agrees that the breeder/seller has first pick of any an all litters, and that breeder prospecs will be placed first, show prospects will be placed second, then pet quality kittens.

2.  Seller agrees to provide a complete medical history and record of all vaccinations this kitten/cat has received, along with the following health guarantee: The cat has a one year guarantee against fatal genetic or congenital defects. FIP is not covered under this guarantee mainly because it is highly controversial and can be passed on regardless of genes. The seller will replace the cat with another kitten as soon as reasonably practical when seller receives proof of defect in the form of a complete autopsy report from a licensed vet. If breeder has no kittens available, the next litter with a kitten of equal value will be replaced. All cats will be replaced with another kitten of like kind and quality.  There will be NO CASH REFUNDS and Buyer is responsible for ALL medical and shipping costs when replacing a kitten. 


The cat has a 48 hour guarantee against any serious medical conditions once he/she leaves our home. 

Buyer is advised to take this kitten/cat (at buyer’s expense) to a veterinarian for a complete health check

within this period. If the cat/kitten is found to have a serious medical condition, buyer has 48 hours after

taking possession of the kitten to notify us and ask for a replacement kitten. This request must be

in written form on the examining licensed veterinarian's letterhead which states why the kitten/cat’s health

is in question.  We will take the kitten back and provide a replacement kitten after being furnished with a

letter from the vet indicating why the kitten’s health is serious. If seller has no kittens available, the

next litter with a kitten of equal value will be replaced. If buyer fails to notify seller of said health problem

within 48 hours after purchase, buyer will be deemed to have accepted said animal.There will be NO CASH

REFUNDS and Buyer is responsible for ALL medical and shipping costs after purchase. The Seller is not

obligated to replace a kitten for any reason, including future health problems, other than those stated in this

contract and provided that ALL terms of the health guarantees are followed.


Kittens will be replaced for fatal hereditary or congenital defects within the 48 hours.NO CASH REFUNDS.


It is recommended that you do not allow your Ragdoll kitten to be given a Feline Leukemia or vaccination

since they are controversial and pose too many risks.  This contract will be void if your Ragdoll kitten is

given the Feline Leukemia or FIP vaccine. The cat/kitten will have age appropriate core vaccinations at the

time of delivery against panleukopenia (distemper), calcivirus, and rhinotracheitis. Each state has its own

laws governing the administration of the rabies vaccine.  We recommend getting kittens vaccinated for

rabies at 4 months of age.  The Seller does not warranty the above cat/kitten from any adverse reactions

against future vaccinations.      

3.  Buyer also agrees:

A. To provide adequate veterinary care and vaccinations,
B. To provide a clean environment for your kitten,
C. To never allow this cat to roam outdoors,

D. Not to place this cat in a laboratory or pet shop. If the buyer is unable to keep the cat for any reason, seller will be given first right to obtain the cat, and

E. Not to declaw your kitten.

4.  This is a legally binding document.  In the event of breech of this agreement, the contract will be void and buyer agrees to pay all reasonable attorney's fees and legal expenses as may be allowed by law and incurred by seller in enforcing seller's rights under this agreement. If legal proceedings become necessary, the buyer agrees that all legal and/or court proceedings take place in the State/County in which the Seller resides.

The Buyer agrees that the kitten/cat appears to be in good health:  _____ (Buyer’s initials). Keep in mind that new kittens may show signs of stress including sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, diarrhea, or constipation when brought into a new environment.


5. FEEDING: Your pet has been fed TASTE OF THE WILD FOOD. You can get it any Tractor Supply feed store. If you choose not to keep your pet on this food, you should mix the sample food you are given with your food choice, slowly changing the food. Abrubt changes in food can upset your new pet. Your Kitten will also come with a NuVet Natural Supplement. Your Kitten has been on it and In Order for this Contract to be Valid you MUST keep in on this Supplement. You can order it on my website by clicking on the link for NuVet. Seller will not be responsible for complications from incorrect feeding

The buyer’s signature below indicates full understanding, agreement, and approval with the above terms and conditions: 

Breeder_________________________________     Date:


Buyer_______________________________________________     Date:

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