We have Ragdoll Kittens Indiana, Ragdoll Kittens MN, and Ragdoll for sale in Pa. 

Call and see if we deliver or ship kittens to your area.

Note to all:

Our goal is to breed the most Lovable and Playful  and Healthy Ragdoll Kittens possble for you.

Please understand that as breeders we do want you to be very happy with our baby's.  

With that being said also know that we do the very best we can not to mislead anyone on our kittens. 

Sexing Kittens can be hard somtimes even for a Vet..  If you get a Kitten that was missexed we will replace it for you if you want BUT WEDONT DO ANY REFUNDS AT ALL: 


Ragdoll Kittens for sale in: TN, VA., NC, SC, KY, OH, IN.,GA.

3315 Twin Ridge Ln.

Kodak, TN.


SmokyMtnRagdoll's ragdoll kittens for sale

Ragdoll Kittens for sale

​Ragdoll Kittens Indiana

Ragdoll Kittens Indiana

Ragdoll Kittens MN

Ragdoll Kittens for sale​ in PA.

Smoky Mtn. Ragdoll's